What To Avoid In Skin Products and Makeup

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What To Avoid In Skin Products and Makeup

There’s a lot of emphasis being put into eating healthier, such as avoiding sugar, refined carbohydrates, and to cut back on red meat as much as possible. But one industry that many don’t realise is often just as harmful is the makeup and beauty industry.

Many beauty-related companies will make use of ingredients that are not only harmful to use, but have little to no government regulation, meaning that there’s no limit to the amount the company can put into one of their products.

When buying a new product at the store always check the ingredients list for any of these items, and avoid as much as possible.

  1. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives that can be found in everything from lotion to makeup to soaps, and the general rule is that if there’s water in it, it’s usually accompanied by parabens, which are used to stop bacteria from growing in the makeup.

Isobutylparaben, methylparaben, proplyparaben, isoproplyparaben are all common ingredients found in makeup that use parabens as a base, and because parabens are known endocrine disruptors, they can cause problems with oestrogens production in the body and lead to hormone imbalances. Some have even been linked to the prevalence of breast cancer, with studies showing that 99% of all cancerous breast cells contained parabens.

  1. Parfum

Before modern production, the smells that emanated from beauty products were made from a combination of different flowers and other natural ingredients, but because of the price behind the manufacturing of these ingredients, many companies instead opted to begin synthesizing artificial fragrances.

These will come out on a product’s ingredients list as either Parfum or Fragrance, and are usually made up of a collection of endocrine disrupters, carcinogens, irritants, and more.

  1. Toluene

Toulene can most commonly be found in nail polish and hair dyes, and consists of a petrochemical solvent that is toxic to the immune system. It’s especially dangerous for women that are pregnant, and has been shown to cause birth defects.

  1. Phthalates

This is a plasticizer that is added to plastic to prevent it from becoming too brittle, and can most commonly be found in fragrances as well as hair spray and nail polish. Examples that can be found easily on a list include DEHP, DEP, and DBP.

These can also cause some hormonal imbalances as well as reproductive issues that can lead to birth defects.

  1. Formaldehyde

The stuff they use to preserve dead bodies is used as a preservative in many cosmetic products around the world.

It’s also a known carcinogen that has been linked to developmental problems, asthma, and neurotoxicity, and can be found in preservatives such as DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and quarternium 15.

  1. Oxybenzone

Sunscreens for outdoor activities are sold in two types: mineral and chemical filters.

By far the most common on the market are chemical filters, many of which use Oxybenzone, which is a known endocrine disrupter and can cause problem with thyroid function.

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